Day of Wedding Planner

I can’t tell you how amazing the wedding planning process has been. I loved wedding planning before I started, and loved it even more than I thought I could after I began. The one thing I constantly worried about early in the wedding planning process was how it all was going to be executed.

The venue we choose for our wedding isn’t a one stop shop, which I love! I have been able to hand pick every vendor, down to the last piece of decor. Our wedding is a customize “Hotter” piece of work, with a lot of moving parts. How in the world was it all going to get done? It is way too much to ask family to help with, as the people I would trust to get it done play other roles with the wedding. As the bride, there is no way I can be in two places at once to do it myself either.


I discussed my concern with two of my good girlfriends, who got married in the past year. They both planned their own weddings, but hired a “day of wedding planner” to ensure everything was executed. Both girlfriends said having the “ day of wedding planner” was a life saver and they didn’t over stress about their wedding day.

I contemplated getting a day of planner for a few weeks. I knew it was time to pull the trigger once I started having nightmares a little under a year out from our wedding, regarding everything being executed. I decided we had to revamp the wedding budget and add a “day of wedding planner” in.

I did quite a bit of research online to see what different companies and services offered. I ultimately needed someone who would do anything I asked and had no restrictions. I found while interviewing different planners and companies that charging was a bit all over the board. Some places charged a flat fee and on top of that an hourly fee. Some just charged you and arm and leg for the full day. Some wouldn’t do everything I needed them to do for the wedding day. It was a process.


Questions I asked when interviewing day of wedding planners:

1. What is your cost? How does it break down? Do you charge a flat fee per hour, base fee and then hourly or just a one stop fee? What additional fees/line items can I expect on my final bill?

2. How many weddings have you been the day of planner for? Can I get references/reviews?

3. What should I expect from your help?

4. Do you do the walk through with us?

5. Do you handle the vendors the week of the wedding?

6. Do you have individuals/interns to help you or do I need to hire additional people?

7. How involved are you up until the wedding?

8. Do you have a minimum or maximum number of hours you will help?

9. Are there anythings your company refuses to help with? Food?

10. Will you meet with me prior to the wedding to run through everything?

11. Will you be attending the rehearsal dinner?

12. What payment is due upfront? In what method do I pay you (check, credit card, venmo)?

I can absolutely say without a doubt in my mind, hiring a “day of wedding planner” has been a life and nightmare saver. My wedding nightmares have dwindled, and I have gone gung ho with planning everything I want to be a part of our day.

Have you hired a day of wedding planner? If not are you having wedding nightmares OR if you are already married, how did you combat it all?


The wedding planning process is something to be cherished. It’s a once in a lifetime chance to plan the party of your dreams. Take a sip of that wine and relax. Hire a day of wedding planner to put your mind more at ease, and really enjoy your day!



Boundless Bliss
A Life Full of Sparkles

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