A Morning Routine Sure to Get You Going

Rise and shine it’s bootie kicking time! Are you the person that rolls over in the morning and pushes snooze on your alarm. While I am sure you know that’s a bad habit, I am going to tell you IT’S AN EXTREMELY BAD HABIT. Get out of bed, get your day started, don’t let your body dwell on what it can’t have; more sleep.


While I was never one to super sleep in growing up, I wasn’t one to get up at 6AM. I always thought my parents were nuts. I am now that “nuts.” We are up everyday between 5-6:30 AM. Somedays I willingly wake up then and some not. No matter what time I get up my day usually starts off with the same routine. I say “usually” because I do have those off days. Everyone does. If someone tells you they don’t, they are a big fat liar.

Starting My Day:

1. Alarm

As soon as my alarm goes off in the morning I jump out of bed. Yes, some mornings it’s extremely hard, but I do it. Getting up at the first annoying alarm sound coming out of my phone has proven to be a key component of getting myself going. I don’t let myself ponder if I am still tired or not. I just hop on out of bed and be.

2. Gym

While getting my booty in the gym is challenging some days, I find it’s the morning is the best time of day to work out. Not only do I trick my half sleepy body into kicking a$$ in the gym. I also find it helps wake me up and I am mentally more ready for whatever is coming my way.

Get It

3. Water

I chug a bottle of lemon water in the morning. I used to hate water. How does one hate water you ask? I don’t know it just wasn’t my thing. Despite, not being my thing, I started making my body do it, and now my body craves it. I feel so refreshed getting water in my system in the morning. It’s a cheap miracle worker in getting me ready to be “boss” for the day.

4. Dress the Part

As cliche and typical as this sounds, dress for the role/mentality you want to present yourself as during the day. I don’t care if you work in the home office and pajamas are easier. Get your booty in that shower and put on a decent pair of clothes. While I don’t always get fully dressed up when working in the home office, I do put on my “dressier” Lululemon workout clothes. They still make me feel like the “boss,” and allow me to get life accomplished.

5. Mentality

Mentality is everything. If you don’t believe in yourself and believe you can’t, I can tell you, that you won’t rise above. You need to believe you can do and overcome whatever is put in front of you. Some days may be harder than others, but you got it! At the end of the day there is always chocolate or wine or even bubbles. You got this!

6. Coffee/ Espresso

Finally, coffee and/or espresso, aka go go juice, aka make the world go round, is/are a definite must in the morning. I start everyday with a cup of coffee, or maybe two. There is something about the caffeine that helps me start off the day right and get me in the groove of the daily grind.

One Step at a Time

Start your day off right. You got this! Rise above and be the #boss!



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4 thoughts on “A Morning Routine Sure to Get You Going

  1. I have been trying to get up earlier every week whether I am on the road or at home and have become a slave to the snooze button!
    Thanks for the tips! Will do it tomorrow!

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  2. Morning workouts are definitely a challenge for me, so props to you! I agree that it does wake up your mind and set the day off right, but I found that I wasn’t giving 100% during the morning in comparison to what I would do in the afternoon. Any tips for making a morning workout more effective/actually more of a workout? I so want to be a morning workout person!

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    1. Things that help me give it 100% in the morning: a good playlist (I highly recommend signing up for a Spotify account), drink some caffeine if needed (I recommend iced green tea) and give it time (when I first started morning workouts it took weeks for my body to get used to it, and crushing the workouts I planned).


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