Lost Dog Lane

I had surgery this week. The need for surgery originated from an accident back in January, where I got hit by a car secondary to a faulty Kong collar.

The accident caused significant trauma to my growth plate and a spiral fracture. As a result, every 6 weeks, since January, I have had to see a surgeon and get imaging done. The crazy orthopedic software the surgeon has, let him see if my leg was growing normally or not.

Wine Review Tongue Out

Last week we found out the radial side of my growth plate shut down, and surgery was needed. I went into surgery Monday this week and did well. My Mom and Dad picked me up Tuesday and I went home.

With my activity restricted to a minimum, I have chosen to watch other dogs out the window, with the cool breeze between my ears and drink some red wine.

Wine Mom

Wine: Lost Dog Lane Seasonal Release; Reserve- 2016

Origin: California

Price Point: $20

Taste: A nice bold red wine with a medium body and tannin.

“This is the perfect wine for your Mom, my fellow dog friends.”

8 Star Wine Rating


Boundless Bliss
A Life Full of Sparkles

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