Wedding Dress – First Look

Wedding Dress. Isn’t that word just so blissful in itself? If you ask me the wedding dress shopping part of wedding planning went way too fast, partly because I had the most amazing wedding dress stylist ever, Megan, and partly because I was prepared. (Check out my post last week on tips to prepare yourself for the shopping). With all that said wedding dress shopping was over in the blink of an eye for me, and the dress took about 6 months to custom make.

Little White Dress Shop

When I got the call that my wedding dress was in, I couldn’t believe it. Was I still going to like it? Well duh I was, it’s an amazing piece of work. Was I still going to fit in it? I didn’t think I gained any weight? What if something major is wrong with it? What if it needs drastic alterations? These are all thoughts that went through my head when I got that call.

What I did?

1. Took a step back
2. Breathe
3. Told myself it was all going to be ok.

First Look

My “first look,” as I learned it was called, was amazing. If you aren’t sure what “first look” is, it’s the first time you try on and see your wedding dress after it comes in from being made. During my first look I had most of the bridal studio to myself. Hundreds of dresses around me, one of my good friends and most importantly my dress.

As Megan opened the white bag with my dress in it my eyes went in awe. My heart started beating a bit faster and a smile came to my face. This is definitely the dress. The dress I dreamed of. The dress I dreamt my Dad would walk me down the aisle in. This is the dress. While I can’t share more details about the dress or designer themself, I will share my thoughts on the process.

Enjoy yourself. Do what you need to do for you. If you need to go to the appointment alone go. If you need to go with a friend who is not in your wedding, go. Do what you need to do. Doing me was grabbing bubbles with a friend before I saw my dress.

Girlfriends Wedding Dress First Look

Prior to my “first look” one of my good friends and I indulged ourselves in some rosé bubbles and sat and enjoyed the sunshine. It was the perfect way to start out the evening. We caught up with each others lives, talked life’s obstacles and wedding of course. Having the support of friends and ones you love around you is important. You can’t partake on this journey alone.

rosé bubbles

If you are in Denver, or are visiting, we checked out this cute place called, Bar Fausto. I would highly recommend it. It had the cutest menu not to mention the most delicious rosé bubbles. The ambience in Bar Fausto was on “T.” We sat at this cute little bar area that was open to the outside with a glass garage door above us. Catching a few of those sun rays and sipping on bubbles. BLISS.

Bar Fausto Menu


Bliss is what we aim for in life, right? Absolutely right! We need to enjoy those moments and make the best of everyday. After all life is too short not too.

Cheers Babes!



Boundless Bliss
A Life Full of Sparkles

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