Cara Mia – Pinot Grigio “In a Box”

Taking a little different review this week for “Wine Wednesday” today I am giving you my review on a boxed wine. Yes, I said it, I drink boxed wine, and it actually isn’t too bad. Mom says boxed wine has come a long way since she used to drink it and slap the bag in college whatever that means. Mom said there used to be weekend activities surround around awful boxed wine, such as the Tour de Franzia. This box of wine isn’t awful. In fact it has become a staple in the fridge and one I can help carry up the stairs for Mom after she is done grocery shopping.

Duke & Wine

“Yes guys I ran into the net on the tennis court and it took out a piece of hair on my head. No Big Deal.”


Wine: Cara Mia Pinot Grigio

Origin: Italy

Meaning: Cara Mia means “My Beloved” ….Oh boy this is what I definitely think of this wine.

Price Point: 3 L box for around $15

Taste: A citrus pinot grigio with a slight floral hint. A dry, crisp delightful everyday wine.

“Yes a boxed wine from Italy…it does exist!”

Duke Licking wine Box


8 Star Wine Rating

Boundless Bliss
A Life Full of Sparkles

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