Preparing YOU for the Week

Shouldn’t everyday be “easy like Sunday morning?” It definitely can be and this is how you can do it.

Weekly Prep You Can Do It

1. Review your Social and Appointment Calendar

Reviewing your social and appointment calendar helps you mentally prepare yourself for what’s coming your way during the week. I find my week to be much less stressful when I know what I have coming, rather than remembering last minute or when you get those lovely confirmation emails and texts.

Reviewing your calendar ahead also lets you foresee time conflicts before they arise. You are being proactive instead of reactive. Much less stress!

2. Make a TODO List

I have a paper planner that I keep a daily todo list, because let’s face it, as much as we like to think one day we may not have a TODO list, there will always be one. I like organizing my TODO list on a daily level as it keeps me on top of things instead of waiting to the last minute to try to get it all done.

3. Weekly Workouts

I love nothing more than getting a good workout in on Sunday. Sweat out all the awful things I ate and drank during the weekend and get my body back on track for the week. I also plan my workouts for the week. I find planning my workouts and actually writing them down holds me accountable and I get better workouts in during the week.

Week thoughts
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4. Plan Weekly Meal Menu and Grocery Shop

Preparing what you are going to eat for the week and grocery shopping will put you in a great spot to eat healthy and well for the week. Fueling your crazy life is important too. What you put in your body is what you are going to get out of it, so fuel it with good food. It will make you feel better all around. Check out my post on weekly meal prep if you haven’t. It gives you a detailed look at exactly what I do and how you can do it!

5. Laundry & Clean House

While we tend to not clean the house on Sunday and do it either Friday or Saturday I do tiddy the house up. I find a clean house puts me more at ease for the week and helps me sleep better. Isn’t that funny? Does a clean house help you sleep better at night? I absolutely hate clutter, mess and dirty.

Coffee and Prep

6. Make a Good Dinner Sunday Evening

Treat yourself and make a delicious dinner. Turn on the music in the house, pour yourself a glass of good red wine (check out my weekly wine posts for recommendations) and just let yourself unwind. Get yourself dancing in the kitchen while making dinner. I find there is something about a good dinner, red wine and a little dancing that alleviates any stress that’s going on.

7. Do YOU

It is extremely important to treat yourself and do something strictly for you. Whether it be a walk, watching a movie, getting your nails done or reading a good book. Treating yourself is an extremely important part of life and keep you moving forward.

Yes it’s Sunday and yes Monday can be a daunting word or thought, but don’t let it be. Get yourself prepared. Take charge of your life. Life is too short not too.


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