All Things Dog Treats

My fiancé and I both grew up in houses with labradors. Our love for dogs is very apparent in our everyday adventures, especially now that we have Duke. Duke is our 8 month old Charcoal Lab, who we got in SEP2017. To say it was an easy feat convincing my fiancé that we could handle a dog is a lie. I literally begged for Duke for years. Now looking back on it though I am happy my fiancé kept saying no. Our lives and jobs were just too extremely demanding travel wise. Our jobs are still demanding and we still travel a bit, but no where the amount we used to. I still remember the day my fiancé said we could have a dog. I spent my whole evening scouring the web to find Duke. I was fortunate enough to find Antons Nebraska Labs, of who I would HIGHLY recommend, and got little Mr. Duke (of) Utzig.

Mr. Duke (of) Utzig

Mr. Duke (of) Utzig leads me to my blog post today of his favorite and our favorite dog treats. Duke is allergic to chicken and beef in larger amounts aka dog food so we try to stay away from it as much as we can with treats, but a few of them doesn’t seem to hurt.

1.Vegetables: Duke absolutely adores vegetables. At times I think he likes them more than actual treats. Some of his favorites are: Carrots, cucumber and peppers.

Dog Veggies

2.Peanut butter: Whole foods has a fabulous unsweetened & unsalted peanut butter that Duke adores. I highly recommend putting your dogs peanut butter in the fridge. Putting it in the fridge gets it a bit harder so when you put it in their toys it doesn’t go all over your house.

3. Smart Bones: Duke knows he gets one of these daily. He adores the sweet potato ones and the peanut butter ones. Jake and I absolutely love them because they are made of veggies. Duke doesn’t do well with raw hides, nor are they extremely good for your dog, so this has been the perfect solution for us.

Smart Bones

4. Fruit: Again, I don’t know how we got a veggie and fruit loving dog but we did. Duke absolutely adores apples and bananas along with all other pet approved fruits. One thing to be careful of with apples is that the dog doesn’t get any of the core.

5. Everyday treats: Merrick makes absolutely fabulous treats for your dog. Some of our favorites:

Another one of Duke’s new favorites is:

      1. Wellness Core Grain Free Marrow Roasts (We do give these to him sparingly as they are beef, but he thoroughly enjoys them.

Dog Treats

6. Bully Sticks: Another smarter version of a rawhide for a dog. They tend to take Duke a bit longer to eat and keep him occupied. I would highly recommend these when you have guests over so the dog isn’t the “center” of attention.

7. Doggy Bakery: Duke absolutely adores the doggy bakery, Two Pals & A Pup. They have dog cupcakes, cookies, homemade treats and more. While I know everyone reading this post doesn’t live in the Denver, I highly recommend looking up a local dog bakery where you can take your dog. They will LOVE you even more than they already do.

Best of luck with dog treats. As we continue to discover new treats I will continue to share. I find it’s sometime hard to find “good” things to put in your dogs bellies.

Ruff! Ruff! Ruff!


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5 thoughts on “All Things Dog Treats

  1. I Love ♥️ this post! Though I’m no longer a dog owner (an unfortunate casualty of a divorce and work travel…I digress) love the snack/treat tips and better quality brands. Bonus is having more pics of Duke!🐾 He is the cutest!

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  2. Duke is gorgeous!! I have a 5 mo old Shih Tzu so I’m well aware of how much work is involved. (A lab might be a wee bit more work since I can scoop up my pup and put her in her pen if I need a break, or if she gets grumpy on a walk.) Thanks for sharing all the things Duke likes to eat. It gives me more ideas for healthy treats! 🙂 ~ frankie

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