Weekly Food Staples

It’s Monday and I am sure you, like me, are determined to get yourself off to a great start and healthy week. Last week on the blog I went through my weekly meal/grocery prep and how to ensure your week goes smoothly meal wise. Today I am going to share some of our weekly staples. Keep in mind, yes most days we do eat healthy, but you have to have a few of those unhealthy items in the cart too. I find if you cut a certain “unhealthy” item out of your life that you love, the next time you eat it, you overindulge. Wouldn’t you rather occasionally indulge than over indulge?

In order to ensure you don’t forget those weekly staples while making your grocery list. I recommend you keep a reminder list on your phone with all staple items, so when you are making your list electronically or paper wise you can quickly scan and add.

Week Food Staples


You are probably wondering why in the world croutons are on this list. Croutons as not so good that they are for you happen to be one of my favorite cheat snacks. Don’t ask me why they just are.

Sparkling Water, Lemon and La Croix

I am not super big on plain water, but hello, water is super good for you. I try to drink 3 blender bottles full of water every day and to trick myself into doing this I add some lemon. I also drink quite a bit of sparkling water, because for some reason the carbonation tricks my brain as well.

Fruits & Veggies


Snickers is always a staple we have in the house. My Dad loved snickers and ate them all the time. Every since my Dad passed away in an accident a few years back I have had snickers in our pantry. They are a perfect coffee dunker on the weekend and a great pick me up and keep going during the week.

Cottage Cheese, Pistachios, Avocados and Eggs

One of our favorite high fat and protein breakfasts in the morning during the week is some cottage cheese, pistachios and avocado. You can also add a hard boiled egg into the mix and wa la…healthy and easy breakfast on the run or to pack to eat at work.

Cottage Cheese and Pistachios


Growing up in Wisconsin, cheese was part of my everyday diet. I can still say I don’t think there is a day of the week that we don’t eat cheese. There are so many things you can do with it or just eat it plain. I tend to grab a few slices in the morning with my avocado toast or have a few slices in the evening with my glass of wine.


Whether your stomach and intestines are feeling bloated or you just feel like a reset, Kombucha is a great every week drink. I have at least one Kombucha a week. Watch the sugar on the Kombucha you buy. Some of them tend to be a bit higher in sugars than others. I love the Synergy brand Cranberry and Trilogy.

Non-Fat Greek Yogurt

You really really really have to be careful buying yogurt. Yogurt is one of those products, yes even Greek Yogurt, that has boat loads of sugar. Pay close attention to the label when purchasing. I love to buy frozen fruit, place some in a bowl and warm/unthaw it in the microwave a little and put a dollop of my non-fat Greek Yogurt.

Coffee & Cream

I used to drink my coffee black black and still do on occasion, but have to add a bit of cream here and there to help my reflux. I never had reflux until we lost my Dad, but ever since then I haven’t been able to get rid of it. A little cream helps to calm the acidity of the coffee and keeps me a going.

What are your every week staples?


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