Wedding Registry

What a busy weekend. This post was meant to go up yesterday, but my day got carried away with helping one of my long time best friends shop for #womanboss clothing and then we spent that afternoon on the patio with Rosé and working on wedding projects and started working on Save the Dates. Wow where does time go? It seems only yesterday my fiancé was down on one knee on the dock at our lake house and I was asking him “what are you doing?” Enough with my weekend and on to creating your wedding registry(s).

Creating and continuing to work on our wedding registry(s) has been a blast. I always dreamed as a little girl running through Crate and Barrel with a scanning gun to put everything we need on our wedding registry. My dream as a little girl of running around with that scanning gun didn’t actually come to fruition, as the ease and convenience of creating your wedding registry(s) online is much better.

Wedding Registry

I started my wedding registry(s) about a year out from my wedding. I know that is quite a ways out, however I created the lists at the places I like/want so that when I thought of something we needed I could easily add them. I am sure you are wondering how I went about picking the places we are registered at and what do I do to help keep myself organized?

Wedding Registry How To:

1. Picking where you will register.

Pick a variety of places to register. Pick a place with amazing kitchen stuff, home stuff, and one for those random other gifts. It’s better to pick a few places to give your guests a variety and to give you a variety.

I picked 4 places for to registry for our wedding:

  • Nambé: I can’t tell you how much I absolutely adore all of Nambé’s kitchen and entertaining dishes. Such unique and staple items for you and your future husband/husband to have in the house for entertaining.
  • Crate and Barrel: Crate and Barrel is one of my go to’s for our kitchen. They have quality kitchen items and a bit of everything.
  • Wayfair/All-Modern: Everyone’s house could always use a bit of sprucing. I chose Wayfair/All-Modern for all of our home needs, towels, bathroom items, etc.
  • Amazon: Amazon is a must for all those items you can’t get elsewhere. I have quite a collection of different items on our Amazon wedding registry. All the way from high tech kitchen tools, to the Amazon dot, to camping supplies and those miscellaneous every days musts.

Creating Wedding Registry2. They have an App!

Most large retailers have apps you can download right to your smart phones. This gives you the ease of adding and updating your registry at any time. For the above 4 registries I chose all but Nambé has an app that I have downloaded and put in a “Wedding” folder on my phone. Super fabulous!

3. Staple Items to add to your registry.

There are so many lists out there saying you need this and that on your wedding registry. I am here to tell you I know believe there is one list of “staple” items that you need. Every couple is different and needs different things to accommodate their lifestyle. Pick stuff you and your fiancé want, not what others tell you that you want. Maybe your kicthen doesn’t need any sprucing up, but your social life does. Ask for gift cards for experiences and date nights then. The main take away point here is do what’s best for you as a couple and not what’s best for the stereotypes society holds.

4. How many things do I need to add to my registry?

It’s better to over registry than to under registry. You want your guests to have a variety of items to choose from. When we get a wedding invite I absolutely love looking that the couples wedding registry and perusing to see what they have choosen. The biggest frustration I have as a guest though is that there is not enough on the registry and by the time I go to purchase a gift there are like 2 options left. Load that registry up! There is no harm in having more items than are purchased.

Wedding Registry

5. Group Gifts.

Now days some of the gifts you will want are more than one person will pay for. Sites like Zola and Wayfair allow you to set gifts up as “group gifts” so that more than one person can contribute to purchasing that for you. Just something to keep in mind.

6. Keeping yourself organized.

I keep a reminder list on my iphone so that no matter where I am I can quick add an item to the list that I thought of. If the store you have registered at has an app you can also login and quick add. I have found though I am somehow thinking of things during inconvenient times to launch and login to my registry on the app and so the reminder list for later has been my crutch.

Best of luck creating your wedding registry. Start early so that you can continually work on it and dont’ have to sit down and cram it into one night.

Congratulations and Cheers!


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