Sunscript Cabernet Sauvignon

I was so hopeful and so in need of a delicious cabernet this week. It’s been one of those weeks where the squirrels and bunnies just don’t stop. I have been on watch duty for more than your typical 8 hour days. Gosh I have a “ruff” life. I was just getting off the night shift and really looking forward to some wine and decided to try the Sunscript Cabernet. To my disappointment is was WAY too sweet, even for a dog with a sweet tooth like me. I did finish my glass, but I wouldn’t recommend this wine again, and I will make sure it doesn’t make it to Mom’s shopping list. Better luck next week, until then….back to squirrels and fresh breeze between my ears.

Duke Sunscript Cabernet Sauvignon Post

Sunscript Cabernet Sauvignon (2016)

Tasting Notes: A sweet cabernet with notes of cherry and plum. Dark burgundy in color. Initial taste is sweet with a slighter smooth finish.

Price Point: $26

Where to Buy: I wouldn’t recommend buying unless you like sweet wine.

Région: Lodi, California

Dukes Rating: The worst wine I have rated on the blog so far. I would never ask Mom to buy this one again.

Sunscript Cabernet Sauvignon

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