Becoming the Boss

I am always on a mission to become a better professional me. I am constantly taking note of other professionals in my field and trying to improve on everything I do. If you think you are perfect in everyway right now, wake up and smell the roses. No one is perfect, and  you can always use more development. Fight the urge to become complacent with where you are at professionally, and keep on climbing the corporate ladder.

One of the many things I strive to do weekly, to keep myself climbing that corporate ladder is reading books. I am always reading a “fun book” and a development book. This month for my development book I read Becoming The Boss by: Lindsey Pollak. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Lindsay’s methodology in writing the book and the information she portrays will definitely give you greater insight in “becoming the boss”. Becoming The Boss is a book that visits the world of millennial generation leadership.

Becoming the Boss

Lindsay’s book is full of helpful websites and tools to help you as a professional. She not only provides you with websites and tools but includes a few short quizzes to help you define your stance on leadership. Absolutely fabulous!

“Whatever you are, be a good one.” -Abraham Lincoln-

Have you ever noticed while perusing LinkedIn that individuals current jobs say, “CEO of XXX,” and you have never even heard of XXX. This is because anyone can call themselves a CEO. Everyone could put the title CEO on their LinkedIn pages as you are the CEO of you, but what does that do? A title doesn’t always paint the picture of who you really are. Person X could have the title of CEO and be sitting on their couch all day eating who knows what, while you as a CEO are busting your behind all day working, and continually improving yourself. At the end of the day what you do, and who you paint yourself to be, is how others will see you. Do you want to be painted as a couch bum CEO or a CEO beyond words? It’s your decision. If you strive to continually improve yourself I highly recommend reading Becoming The Boss. Lindsay touches on being the CEO of you while being the best you and pushes you into that leadership mind set.

“Never give up on something that you can’t go a day without thinking about.” -Winston Churchill-

There is not a day that goes by that I don’t aspire to be more than the woman I am today, tomorrow. I have been told so many times that I can’t have certain job titles because I don’t have XX years of experience, but this has never stopped me. I have continually kept climbing the professional ladder despite people telling me that I can’t. Why? Everyone can! Don’t let the words “you can’t because XYZ,” stop you.

Becoming the Boss with Flowers

“Failure is success in progress.” -Albert Einstein-

Climbing the professional ladder in your career is great, but you need to ensure your knowledge base doesn’t solely reside within your profession. The only way you will continue to climb is to diversify your knowledge. The world isn’t flat, it’s round, and just like the world itself is round so is the professional world around you. Being one sided doesn’t allow you to maximize your development. Lindsay not only talks about diversifying your interests in her book, but gives you many other components that will help lead you to success. Becoming The Boss really makes you want to become boss. It will instill many helpful traits to pushing you in the right direction. You my friends are only as important and boss like as you see yourselves. Envision your self as the #Boss.

Becoming the Boss (2)

Take the initiative and pick up this book, Becoming The Boss, even if you currently aren’t a “boss” or even aspire to be one. Everyone is a boss of some sort and can learn greatly from Lindsay’s book. You will always to be the boss of “you.” Take charge!

Don’t let the world define you; define the world.


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Becoming The Boss

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