Cabernet Vs. Zinfandel

Happy Valentines Day! I decided to try two different wines this week. Why you ask? My second round of imaging went well and it seems my leg is growing normally, which gives me all the reason to celebrate as surgery isn’t needed right now.

Duke Model Pose Cab vs. Zin

I can’t seem to get myself away from my red wine kick. They are just so darn delicious. I am sharing both a cabernet and a surprisingly delicious zinfandel. Both of these wines came from Moms monthly wine box; um you guys need in on this.  It’s called Firstleaf and it’s fabulous. They provide Christmas every month. Who knew you could get Christmas every month?

“Two bottles of wine you say…yes I am #soextra.”

Notch & Groove Cellars 2014 Zinfandel
Caligrafica 2016 Cabernet Sauvignon
Tasting Notes: A bold red with notes of blackberry and stronger tannins. Very robust with a delightfully longer finish.

Price Point: $25

Produced in: California

Tasting Notes: A medium amount of oak in my opinion. Notes of vanilla, plum and tannins.

Price Point: $20

Produced in: California

Dukes Rating: If you are only going to try one of these I recommend trying the Zinfandel. It was a bit more delicious than the cabernet.

Let Me Love you or I mean wine



Gunsight Rock Cabernet Duke Rating

“Will you be my Valentine?”


Boundless Bliss
A Life Full of Sparkles

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