Grifone Bianco & Pinot Grigio

It’s a two for one glass kind of week. The stress and anxiety from having to not run, jump and play like I want too, is getting to me. Especially when Mom yells at me to lay down and to not play like a crazy man. While the “no Duke don’t jump,” and “no Duke don’t play,” yells were coming out of Mom’s mouth I stuck my head in a large doggy bowl of wine and drowned her voice out. Mom…let’s be real here I am a puppy with enough energy to power a large city. Me staying still is an oxymoron.

“Made with organic grapes…ok…”

This week’s wine review: Grigone Pinot Grigio & Grigone Bianco

 Tasting Notes:

Grifone Pinot Grigio

Grifone Bianco

This one wasn’t my favorite. It’s a bit sweeter than I prefer my pinot grigio to be. You will pick up on notes of apple and slight bits of citrus. The Bianco is definitely better than the Pinot Grigio. The Bianco is a bit more crisp but still sweeter than I would like. It has notes of citrus, apple and hints of floral. It has a more balanced acidity and the pinot grigio.


Price Point: both wines are around the $5 price point

Where to buy: Trader Joe’s Wine Shop

Dukes Rating: You get what you pay for with wine. Nothing I would bring with me to a dinner party, but ok to sip on at home.

Grifone Bianco and Pinot Grigio


Boundless Bliss
A Life Full of Sparkles

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