Will you be my bridesmaid?

Will you be my bridesmaid? One of the many questions that gets asked when planning a wedding. Such an exciting time. Who will you ask? How many girls will you have? All of these questions came to my mind shortly after getting engaged, because let’s face it your bridesmaids are an important part of the wedding.

Once you decide who you will ask the next question is, how you will ask them? Are you going to do the simple way of picking up the phone and “popping the question?” Are you going to take them out for cocktails and break out the question then? Maybe you are going to purchase a pre-made “will you be my bridesmaid” box? Better yet maybe you decide to put together your own box or gift.

Will you be my bridesmaid?

I decided to make my own gift bags for my bridesmaids. I like customizing things and making them personable. I wanted my ladies to have something unique and like no other gift. How did I go about picking the items I gave them? The following steps will give you a great start and if you are not the creative type I have included my favorite “build your own” bridesmaid box websites.IMG_4097

Making your own “will you be my bridesmaid” gift:
  1. Main/larger portion of the gift

Think about your wedding. Where it is, the color scheme you have chosen and what you think the bridesmaids really need. I used the “will you be my bridesmaid” gift as an excuse to start getting my bridesmaids stuff to use for our big day. Of course I threw in a few extras, but you want the larger portion of the gift to be something they are going to use, and use post your wedding. I have heard so many stories of girls getting gifts that they would only use for the wedding and wouldn’t be of use after. I didn’t want my gift going in the “trash” as I spent both time and money putting it together.

Larger gift ideas:

  • Makeup bag: Search Zappos or 6pm. Both have make up bags for lower prices and it’s FREE shipping.
  • Robe: Look on Nordstrom Rack. There are always good deals. You will be able to get your bridesmaids something nice for a lower price.
  • Jewelry: Etsy has fun bridesmaid jewelry but check out BHLDN as well.
  • Wine Glass: my favorite portable wine glass of all time is the Goverre wine glass. Highly recommend this for a “will you be my bridesmaid” gift. I would also make sure you purchase one for yourself as when you get there’s you will want one.
  • Shirt: Etsy has so many cute wedding shirts. You name it, it’s on there.
2. Add something edible (drink/treat)

What bridesmaid proposal box is complete without adding a something edible. Let’s be real here, everyone likes to eat and drink.

  • Sugarfina: I am OBSESSED with Sugarfina. Not only are the sweet treats delicious, but the packaging they come in is absolutely fabulous. My favorites for making a bridesmaid box are the champagne and rose gummies, but there are so many other things if these aren’t calling your name.
  • Champagne or wine: My bridesmaids are all across the country and so this wasn’t really an option unless I used I bought through an approved shipper online and I wanted their whole gift together so I didn’t opt for this. BUT you can. Wine.com is a great company to have wine shipped to those ladies if shipping is needed. OTHERWISE go to your local wine shop and pick some up yourself. You can also find super cute labels on Etsy to place on them.
  • Compartes: Such a unique place to order chocolates from. They have chocolate bars such as raspberry rose, birthday cake and peaches and cream to name a few. Check them out, even if it’s not for your bridesmaids.
3. Add something relatable to your venue

Adding something relatable to your venue makes the gift even more personable.

  • Brewery: beer glass, beer opener, growler
  • Winery: wine glass, bottle opener, wine stopper
  • Beach: flip flops, sun hat, sunscreen
  • Gardens: vase, floral candle
  • Mountains: add something unique in from the mountain you are getting married at. For example if you are getting married in Vail, CO, you could add in a Vail hat or personalized item.
  • Distillery: flask, recipe with the alcohol the distillery is known for
  • Museum: book on the museum, passes to the museum
IMG_30494. Will you be my bridesmaid? The actual question
  • Personalized letter: Write each bridesmaid a separate letter to ask them to be in your wedding. This is a super heartfelt option and one that will mean a lot to your ladies.
  • Calendar: Circle the date on a calendar and write a cute little message to ask them to be in your wedding.
  • Wine Label: If you are opting to add a bottle of wine or champagne to your gift buy personalized labels to ask them.5. Putting it together

Putting everything together can get hard especially if you have to send the gifts. Choose what works best for you pending on your situation and how you are getting the “will you be my bridesmaid” gift to them.

  • Target: has great gift bags and tissue paper to easily put your gift together.
  • Craft store: If you want a box, you should be able to find many different decorative boxes at your local craft store. You can also find fun clear gift bags that you can put together with some ribbon.

When putting together the gift use the colors of your wedding. It’s an easy way to let your ladies know what colors you have chosen without have to actually say it.


Yes I did kiss every calendar for my bridesmaids. Sealed with love.

Websites and Ideas for the quick and easy bridesmaid gift:
  • Send a bouquet of flowers. What girl doesn’t love flowers. You can also purchase a mini rose box from La Fleur. These flowers last a year. Yes, that’s right a YEAR.
  • Box Fox: This platform allows you to make your own box. You pick the style of box and everything that goes in it. You could literally make a different box for each bridesmaid. How cool.
  • Fox Blossom: Another platform that allows you to build a box. This platform has a specialized section for bridesmaids gifts.

Have fun with it. Make your “will you be my bridesmaid” gift unique and have it come from the heart.

Cheers Babes!


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