Running a Marathon: Behind the Scenes

Running a marathon is a huge accomplishment. Not only is it a physical battle but a mental one as well. I ran my first full marathon roughly a year and a half ago. Like most I did my fair share of research; not only on training but on mentally preparing myself and what could possibly happen while running. Below are a few things that happened while training and running the actual race.

1. Hematuria is a real thing

I never had hematuria while training for my marathon, even at the long distances, but come mile 13 during my marathon urinary tract infection symptoms kicked in and the hematuria wasn’t far to follow. While not extremely common this does happen to runners. At the time of my marathon I didn’t know this could happen and post race called my doctors office emergency line freaking out, all the find out that this can happen and will go away. I would highly recommend chatting with your doctor if you do experience hematuria. Here is a great article on hematuria when distance running.

2. Sport bra chafing does happen

While training for my marathon I went through and tried so many sports bras, none of which didn’t cause some sort of chafing.

Solution: I ended up taping my chest up underneath the sports bra band too minimize the chafing.IMG_6464

3. Mental Fog post Marathon

Post running my marathon I had a bit of mental fog. Nothing that affected my everyday functioning, my body just felt off. Your body uses so much “fuel and energy stores” to run a marathon. It’s extremely important to refuel your body with balanced snacks and meals to restore those energy stores.

4. You may gain weight instead of loose weight

Most people think training for a marathon directly correlates with weight loss…think again. Some may lose weight while training; while some may gain weight. Your first thought may be, were you eating right or over-indulging thinking you burned more calories than you actually did? I did eat well while training, however one thing I didn’t think of prior to training is that muscle weighs more than fat. My body transformed into a minimally sculpted noodle into a more muscular piece of work while training and running all those miles.

The above may not happen to you while training for or running a marathon, however it’s always great to be aware of what can…

I finished my first full marathon. Not with the time I wanted but with determination that I wasn’t going to give up. No matter what, it’s always important to be proud of yourself. You did it! You ran a marathon, which many people won’t do in their lifetime.

You can do whatever you put your mind too. Good luck training and during the race!

Boundless Bliss
A Life Full of Sparkles


Outfit: Lululemon | Marathon Fuel: Gatorade Chews

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