FanÇois Daudret Champagne Cuvée

I had the pleasure of sharing my half birthday with my Mom this past weekend. Let’s be real here, it was more my birthday than hers, even though I only turned 6 months. I got to cuddle in the fur blankets, eat cupcakes and take long walks. Oh and I also got to experience Mom open the featured Champagne this week and get it all over her face. Quite entertaining if I do say so myself. She is always the one trying to clean up my face and now I got to return the favor and with Champagne…say what???

“Happy 6 Month Birthday to Me! Gosh I have such a RUFF life.”

This week’s wine review: FanÇois Daudret Champagne Cuvée


Tasting Notes: A tart, extremely bubbly champagne with notes of green apple and slight citrus.

Price Point: $20

Where to buy: Check you local wine shop

Dukes Rating: Super fun champagne. It was good, nothing to write home about but good.

“Pop them bottles…let your doggy body wobble…”

FanÇois Daudret Champagne Cuvée


Boundless Bliss
A Life Full of Sparkles

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