Bridesmaid Dresses

Asking your bridesmaids to be in your wedding is a super exciting time. Having the ladies you love most stand by you while you get married to your one and only, is a memory and moment you will have forever.

Being a bridesmaid is no little feat; you have to buy a dress, attend wedding festivities, make sure the bride stays sane, book travel, get a hotel room, pay for food and more. Bridesmaids are always curious what you are going to “make” them wear. Is the bride going to make us wear strapless, a ballgown dress, a chiffon wonder…the list goes on.

For our wedding I decided to go with the fabulous trend of letting my bridesmaids pick their own dresses. I want my bridesmaids, who are all shapes and sizes, to feel comfortable in the dress they are wearing for our wedding. I don’t want them to feel self conscious or insecure. I want them to feel like princesses along with me. Even though I let my bridesmaids pick their dresses, I did set some guidelines to ensure we all look succinct.

1. Pick the Color

Bridesmaid Dresses

  • You can pick one color or multiple shades of the same color, or even multiple colors. I personally gave my bridesmaids the freedom to pick from multiple different shades of the same color to give my ladies all a little pop!
2. Pick the designer OR if you like multiple designers pick multiple
  • Every designer has a different style/flavor to them. Pick something that you like and that you know is in your bridesmaids budgets.
3. Pick the dresses
  • I put mine into a nice table format with links so the bridesmaids could easily click and see all the options.

Screen Shot 2018-01-07 at 6.15.15 PM

4. Send an email out to all of your bridesmaids
  • Include any additional thoughts and restrictions when picking a dress. For example: I don’t want two people wearing the same dress, so once a bridesmaid picks a dress and purchases it, it’s off the list for the other bridesmaids to choose from.
5. Bridesmaids try on dresses
  • I have found through my bridesmaids picking their dresses that what they picked that they visually liked hasn’t been what is looking best on them when they are doing their fittings.

Additional Thoughts/Tips:

      • Bridesmaid dresses take awhile to get. Our wedding is October of this year and I was quoted that all of my bridesmaids had to order their dresses by April to get them in time for alterations for the October wedding.
      • Have fun with it and pick multiple different options.
      • Once your bridesmaids start picking their dresses create a virtual line up to match styles and colors.

Cheers and happy planning!


Boundless Bliss
A Life Full of Sparkles

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