Sélection Vieilles Vignes Chablis 2015

It’s a new year and a new me. Well I like to think it’s a new me. I still like chasing geese, eating their poop in the park and those treats Mom and Dad buy. The new me I am referring to is the fastly growing in pounds and inches me. This lean physique wouldn’t be what it is without those delicious tasting wines. Whoever said you need to cut wine out of your diet for your new year’s resolution, seriously needs to get a life. Think about all those anti-dogxidants (antioxidants) you are missing out on by not drinking it.


“Per Mom this wine paired great with the scallops she made the other night. I wouldn’t know as she wouldn’t give me any. Humans!”

This weeks wine review: Sélection Vieilles Vignes Chablis 2015

Tasting Notes: Buttery at first but then transitions into a crisp flavor with hints of citrus, apple and a slight taste of oak.

Price Point: $30-$35

Where to buy: Mom bought it at our local wine shop, however prima vini wines online has it

Dukes Rating: A delicious white. Made in Chablis, France (Burgundy Region).

“This wine was a great treat after a long week of naps, chasing squirrels and watching animated movies on Netflix.”

Selection Vieilles Vignes Chablis 2015




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