Mom officially subscribed me to a wine club. We have joined firstleaf wine club. I am so excited and barking with joy. Normal dogs get “bark box” monthly subscription boxes; not me I get wine. Best Mom in the world goes to mine. Mom and I tried our first wine this month and it was delicious.

This weeks wine review: Whipstitch 2016: 65% Zinfandel; 35% Petite Syrah

Tasting Notes: I initially tasted notes of pepper and vanilla. There was a boldness to it at first but then mellowed out. Bolder than last week’s cabernet. Color is a darker plum

Price Point: $30

Where to buy: First Leaf Wine Club IMG_5854

“The notes of pepper were my favorite.”

Dukes Rating: Add it to your list. It’s not first on mine but I may possibly have Mom purchase for a dinner party.

Duke Review Whipstitch


“Less than one week until Santa-Paws comes.”



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