Stress Relief During the Holidays

Tis the season to be all smiles and happy 24/7. Well at least that’s what everyone expects of you. The holidays can be a stressful, exhausing and even sad time for those who have lost loved ones. Whatever your stance on the holidays be I am here to help make them bright or even brighter than they already are for you. Below are some of my favorite holiday things/treats that can turn even the most unsettling day around.

1. Make/eat some cookies.

One of my favorite cookies is a Maple Pecan Cookie (recipe by Taste of Homes). Time can be an issue during the holidays, but I promise these cookies don’t take long and will be a hit at your home and any holiday party you bring them too. Oh and are fabulous to dunk in your early morning coffee.

2. Peppermint mocha from Starbucks

Peppermint mochas happen to be my favorite holiday beverage at Starbucks. There 53514862644__BC9838C2-9C9B-48DB-9280-B7892A081313is something about the candy cane and rich chocolate taste with the expresso that just makes the world go round. Buying coffee everyday gets expensive so we tend to treat ourselves to this on the weekend.

3. Lush cosmetics bath bombs

For those days during the holiday season when you come home and are completely spent from work and all those errands you had to run post work. Draw yourself a bath and treat yourself to a lush bath bomb. They are absolutely heavenly and the colors as they dissolve are mesmerizing. My favorite is Twilight.

4. Davids Tea

A great friend of mine introduced me to David’s tea a few years back. I have sense shared this great secret with many other friends. There are so many fun holiday flavors. I love that some of them have sprinkles in them, yes actual sprinkles. The teas are so much fun and definitely can bring a smile to your face while steeping and drinking.

5. Bath and Body Works Wallflowers

I absolutely love the wallflowers at Bath and Body Works. My sister introduced them to me about a year ago and I have been addicted every since. I always keep a Eucalyptus Mint one in our bedroom as it can provide a calming and stress relief effect. Exactly what you need during the holidays.

IMG_57756. Buy yourself something

I know you are supposed to be shopping for gifts for others during the holiday season, but heck, there are some great deals and want not treat yourself.

7. Chocolate covered espresso beans

Chocolate covered espresso beans can be purchased at most coffee stores and at some small markets and grocery stores. Not only are they delicious but can provide that little pick me up you need to finish wrapping presents.

8. Do a face mask

The fresh rose petal face mask is one of my favorites and a staple at our house. I absolutely adore it, especially in the fall and winter when it’s so darn dry out. The mask is very soothing, yes it smells like roses and has actual pieces of roses in it. It’s perfect to put on in the evening when you are trying to wind your night down.

9. Splurge on some dark chocolate sea salt covered almonds

Trader Joes has the most amazing dark chocolate sea salt covered almonds I have ever tasted. Go pick some up and let me know if you are able to stop yourself without finishing the whole tub of them.

IMG_036710. Do a hair mask

My favorite hair masks are from Kerastase but use whatever your preference is. There is something about rejuvenating that dry damaged hair during these chilly months that makes me, and hopefully you feel so much better. They help get the “hot mess” off and that fabulous person underneath smiling.

11. Get out and take a walk or a run

Crisp fresh air is one of my favorite things this time of year. It seems to clear my head and diminish all those stressful thoughts. Pick somewhere fun, take the dog, grab a coffee and just enjoy yourself and the surroundings.

I hope some of the above can brighten up your holiday season. What little things do you do to get through the holiday season?


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