Gunsight Rock Cabernet Sauvignon

A wine review almost didn’t occur this week guys. I had some serious issues pulling that cork out. It just didn’t want to come. I don’t know if the wine bottle knew I was going to devour it all or if all that chasing the ball up and down the stairs fatigued my muscles, but whew. I finally got it open after minutes of struggle. This bottle proved to be worth that extra muscle struggle and I decided my workout the next day could be skipped. I mean come on, opening a bottle of wine is exercise enough, right?

“My paws couldn’t get the bottle open…I thought I was in for a no wine night, and that would have been a shame.”

This weeks wine review: Gunsight rock Cabernet Sauvignon 2015

Tasting Notes: A medium black pepper and black berry taste. Notes of spice. Taste lingers a little, more bold at first and then dwindles in intensification.
Price Point: $15
Where to buy: unavailable; Mom found it in my local wine shop)


“I wish my water bowl would turn into wine. Mom says wine comes from water, but I am still waiting to actually see this happen and believe her.”

Dukes Rating: A good everyday cabernet. I will add it to the shopping list for those every day wines.

Gunsight Rock Cabernet Duke Rating


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