Boyer Pinot Noir

You will never believe this guys, but Mom and Dad’s friends brought me a bottle of wine when they came over for dinner last week! I don’t know if they felt bad for Mom spending time in the kitchen, or for Dad playing all those unfair, catch-me-if-you-can games, but who cares, I got wine! It’s another red review for me this week – temperature is just too cool in the evening to drink anything but.

1AB0406C-8602-4E03-90CC-BD0915BE9F33This weeks wine review: Boyer-Pinot Noir (2016)

Tasting Notes: A clear ruby red crisp wine; moderate acidity. Notes of: cherry/blackberry and a hint of cigar.

Price Point: Normal price $30-$36 (link below you can get for $19)

Where to buy: Naked Wines


“I will definitely have Mom buy this, so I can have again.”

Dukes Rating: You need to try guys. It’s perfect for a night in watching Christmas movies.

Boyer Pinot Noir Rating

“Cheers my fellow 2-4 legged friends!”




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