Holiday Wreath

Tis the season for happiness, warm hearths and spiked beverages to keep the body warm. I am not one to crazily decorate my house for the holidays but, I like the little touches to make the house feel festive. A Christmas bulb wreath is exactly one of those little touches that welcome our guests.


I fortunately had extra Christmas bulbs from one of those years I did a more natural color decorations on the tree and finally found a good way to put them to use, besides filling the storage shelves.




What you will need: 
– Plastic Christmas Bulbs (I got ours from Target)
– Old Wire Hanger
– Ribbon
– Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks
– Pliers

I used plastic bulbs to make my wreath. You are more than welcome to use glass but you will have to be extremely careful with the cold and wreath hitting the door so the bulbs don’t break; exactly why I recommend plastic.

In order to ensure the caps to the bulbs don’t come off I first took them all off and hot glued them on. Key take away point during this step:

  • Make sure you don’t use too much hot glue or it will harden in the hole you will need to thread the bulb on the wreath.IMG_4785

After all of the bulb tops are hot glued on it’s time to start threading them on the wire hanger. Before you can thread them though you will need to take the wire hanger apart and mold it with your hands into a circle. If the wire doesn’t want to mold you may have to use pliers to bend it.

To assemble the wreath start placing the bulbs on the wire hanger. 3 bulbs should be alternated to ensure full coverage. In the diagram below you can see how you will alternate the 3 bulbs to keep making layers. You will will doing this until the wire hanger is full.

Bulb Diagram:

When the wire hanger is full use the pliers and bend the wire around each other to finish. You will not notice you have a little gap still left where the wire hanger came together. This is the spot you will put the ribbon and cover that spot. To add the ribbon to hang the wreath cut a large piece, wrap around the open spot in the hanger and tie off with a bow.

Depending on the width of ribbon you used you may still have a gab you want to fill. If this is the case take a small piece of ribbon and thread 3 bulbs and tie this over the large hanging ribbon, and you are finished.

Hang on your front door and enjoy!

Happy Holidays from our house to yours!

Holiday Wreath Entry



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