Wednesday Wine Review: Ravage Cabernet Sauvignon 2016



I am back guys. I know you missed me. I tell ya, this whole holiday thing has been exhausting, and extra wine has been needed…you know – to tone out those people who just don’t shut up. I decided to try a wine at a lower price point this week, but a good find nonetheless, so I could keep feeding my wine addiction.






This weeks wine review: Ravage-2016 Cabernet Sauvignon


Tasting Notes: A nice luscious red, dark beet color, berries with a hint of vanilla, medium body with low tannins

Price Point: $11-$12

Where to buy: Ravage Wines



“A decent wine for the price point and I love the velvety color.”

Dukes Rating: I rated this wine a little lower than the Painted Red as with a cabernet, I would like a little bit more out of it, but again at the price point…ok.

Ravage Cabernet 2016
Until Next week my “woof” pack…I need to get back to my peanut butter Kong.


“P.S. I may have stole the bottle from Mom”

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