Wine Wednesday’s with Duke: Blenheim Vineyards

Blog-Dukes weekly wine review-2
Hi! My name is Duke Utizig I am a charcoal labrador retriever who loves wine. I got fortunate enough a few months back to get welcomed home by my Mom and Dad. Little did I know at the time but my Mom is obsessed with wine. She says a glass of red wine makes the doctor go away.Blog-Dukes weekly wine review-3

I mischievously took a taste one day and now realize and understand her obsession. I am officially a wine lover and connoisseur and want to share my thoughts and reviews with you.

This weeks wine review: Blenheim Vineyards- Painted Red

Tasting Notes: Low Tannins, lighter red, cracked pepper taste, smooth finish

Price Point: $30

Where to buy: Blenheim Vineyards-Painted Red


Blog-Dukes weekly wine review-7

“I prefer a more oaky wine, but this wine was delicious, easy to drink and went down quite well.”

Blog-Dukes weekly wine review-6



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