Bridal Party: Monthly Newsletters

While picking my bridal party there wasn’t a second thought in my mind who I would pick to be there for me on my big day, however then I got to wondering…if I am picking someone to be there with me on my big day, why are they just part of the “day.” Getting married and planning a wedding is quite the process and why shouldn’t those ladies that are there for you on that “day” not be a part of the rest of the process. Your bridesmaids always say, “let me know what I can do to help.” How in the world to I keep my 6 bridesmaids who live all over the country on the same page? This was going to be difficult and why did I need another “difficult” task…

I am here to tell you it’s not a “difficult” task. Creating a monthly newsletter for my bridesmaids solved the problem. Not only does it help me stay on top of things it helps my bridesmaids help me. I mean let’s be real here they are “maids” of the “bride.” Hehe


Bridesmaid Monthly Newsletter How To (PDF example attached)Wedding Newsletter Template:

What platform are you going to use to create it?
I use google docs but it is completely up to you. I choose google docs because:

  • It’s super user friendly
  • I am able to work on the newsletters anywhere. They aren’t just stored on my computer, which is extremely nice.
  • Google has numerous add-on’s you can “add-in” to make your newsletter even more creative. A few of my favorites: Doc tools, Extensis fonts and Word Cloud Generator.

How to get Add-Ons

  • Open your google doc
  • In the top bar next to “table” there is a menu/tab called “Add-ons”
  • Go to “Get Add-ons”
  • Now browse and choose
  • You can share your documents with anyone. Just simply click the blue “share” button on the upper right side of the screen and type in the emails of the individuals you want to share the document with.


What Topics are you going to include?
You can include anything and everything you would like. Some sections I included in mine are:

  • Wedding overview (venue, expected guest #’s, hashtags, theme, etc.)
    • I include this on every newsletter to keep the main points clear
  • Wedding planning items accomplished
  • Current wedding items working on
  • Narrative of the month
  • Items need help with
  • Upcoming Events
  • Wedding Website link
  • Inspirational Quotes

When are you going to send it out?
Decide what time of month you would like to send it out. My personal preference is the end of the month as I am able to summarize everything done that month and then let the ladies know what events are going on next month and what “we” need to do. The main take away point it to pick a time and stick with it…consistency.

Sending it out
Instead of using the “share” feature in google docs I send it to my bridesmaids personal emails, but the “share” feature in google docs is fabulous as well.

Key Items to Remember

  • Have fun with it! Don’t make it one of those things you have to do. Look at it as keeping yourself organized with your wedding.
  • Make a mimosa and turn on your favorite wedding movie while writing it. My personal favorite 27 Dresses as I am a huge Katherine Heigl fan.
  • When the big day comes your bridesmaid will have your back more than ever as they know what’s supposed to be happening and the vendors that are supposed to be doing what.





Couple photos courtesy of: Gillepsie Photography
Tiffany’s Trumpet Flute Set |Maiden Lane Boutique tulle skirt  |Lulu’s Light Beige Bodysuit

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